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A Membership-Based Program for Christian Women Who are Ready to Refresh, Reset, and Restore Their Lives to Fulfill God's Call.
Sis, this is the year to prioritize taking care of you...
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You attend to the needs of others all the time, but you never quite receive the kind of attention and focus you need for yourself.

God wants you to experience a life of peace and stability.  This is a direct result of your willingness to show up in the world as He originally intended.  He knows you so well, and He knows just what makes your soul sparkle.  

He has given you powerful gifts that only You can use - it’s your birthright as a child in His kingdom.  You may not realize all of what they are, but there are some things that come naturally to you, it’s just a matter of tapping in. 

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Tell me if this sounds like you...

You have been feeling a nudge and tug from the Holy Spirit to use your gifts, but you find yourself questioning what that would look like.

Your current schedule is filled with you being a wife, mom, employee, and active at your church. Despite the many hats you wear, you still feel lost in fulfilling God’s purpose and call for your life. 

This year is a time of major transition for you as you have decided to finally step out on faith, but you earnestly need to know that you have a mentor and community to be there when you need that extra push. 

If this resonates, keep reading!

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The Details

All the Details


The Light Mastermind Program provides: 

A space to just “be”, a chance to do something just for you, a way to learn what makes your soul sparkle, reconnection with God as your Source, a revisit back to who God originally ordained you to be, a way to let God lead.


This is a program for women of everyday faith to come into agreement with what God says about their lives. You are able and ready. You are worthy. Your kingdom authority and tribe await!



Rest & refreshment, more joy & peace, a renewed spirit, sense of fulfillment and control, a release & healing, renewal of hope, nourished faith, reset of your mindset, being replenished & cared for, a sense of being “lighter” mentally & emotionally and...



Clarity, increased confidence, understanding of your resources, knowledge of inner self and...




Eliminate constant busyness, focus forward, bring all of you to the table, know you are enough, understand what He’s called you to, discover your light!


"Working with Chauncey has been a God-send! Before joining The Light Mastermind, I was so overwhelmed and had not fully tapped into what God was directing me to do. Now, I have the clarity and community to do what I was created to do!" 

Hi Sis, I'm Chauncey!

I’m here to walk alongside you and help you create life changing results as you transition to what God has called you to. We do this in a community of support, filled with like minded beautiful women such as yourself.

It’s time for women like us to step into the power God has given us and confidently display our gifts for the world to see.

You are not alone. Neither do you have to do this all on your own.

Let me show you the way!

An Investment for Your Freedom...

Pay in Full


One-time Payment - Save $500

(1) Mastermind All-Access Pass which includes two months free of coaching + mentoring. 

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions/Fellowship Sessions

1:1 + Community Support 

Private Group Access 

Access to all Group Coaching Replays 

Expert Training + Resources 

Monthly Fee



Every month

Valid for 12 months

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions/Fellowship Sessions

1:1 + Community Support

Access to all Group Coaching Replays

Expert Training + Resources

Please note: Once you have completed payment, you will be redirected to complete the onboarding questionnaire. If you are not redirected or do not see the questionnaire load, please click here

Please note: Once you have completed payment, you will be redirected to complete the onboarding questionnaire. If you are not redirected or do not see the questionnaire load, please click here

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